How to deal with a problematic STM32 ST-Link/v1 device and Ubuntu

This post explains how to ignore the USB storage of the STM32-VL Discovery board so it enumerates in Ubuntu 12.04.  Problems arise when you boot your linux system from an external USB drive.  The not so obvious solution is really …

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cortex-m0+ SWD debugging on the cheap

I’m fairly confident you aren’t likely to find out how to use an STM32F0-Discovery board to upload and debug an LPC812 chip from either the ST or the NXP forum websites. However, if you read this post I will walk …

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Openocd meets a NUCLEO-F030R8 board

[Edit: newer versions of openocd (0.8) support the stlink-v2-1 on the nucleo board without the changes described below] STMicroelectronics recently announced a new line of mbed compatible development boards at a great price (~$10.32).  The four “NUCLEO” boards support a range …

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Embedded C++ Do’s & Dont’s

Good: small c++ inline code bound vectors ring buffer compile time decisions Bad: RTTI Dynamic Memory run time decisions that can be determined at compile time

New github location

fabooh has recently gained NXP cortex-m0 chip support, specifically the  lpc1114fn28 model.  I’ve updated the repository name on github to reflect that the code supports more than just msp430 code.  In general, the code ported over fairly smoothly.  However, some …

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1024 byte serial msp430 gdb boot loader

I’ve been thinking about making a small msp430fr5739 based breakout board. I was hoping to use the msp430 launchpad to program them. However, I hit a major snag in that the LP version 1.4 doesn’t seem to recognize the msp430fr5739 …

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