New github location

fabooh has recently gained NXP cortex-m0 chip support, specifically the  lpc1114fn28 model.  I’ve updated the repository name on github to reflect that the code supports more than just msp430 code.  In general, the code ported over fairly smoothly.  However, some functionality is missing or not complete for the lpc1114 chip implementation.  The msp430 code should work properly with all features intact.  An updated Makefile builds both the msp430 and cortex-m0 targets based on the value of the BOARD variable in  Currently it defaults to the lpc1114fn28 board.  To build other targets, override the board on the command line using “make  BOARD=xxxx clean all”.  Where xxxx is one of the supported boards from the ‘board’ directory.   The fabooh directory tree has been substantially reorganized to better support multiple cores and boards.

fabooh is a work in progress, the latest github source code can always be found here:

Future enhancements will only take place there.  For now, I’m going to leave the other github repository intact until I update various postings that point at it.


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